Actionstep Practice Management System

100% cloud-based, Actionstep is the perfect value-for-money solution for running your firm. This powerful yet simple system includes: case management, document management, trust accounting, integrated billing and accounting, and much more. Plus the unique workflow & document automation technology will help revolutionise your operations, reaching new heights in efficiency, quality, and profitability. 

Actionstep Certified Consulting Partner

LFCG is Actionstep's Certified Consulting Partner. Actionstep in Sydney, Actionstep in Melbourne, and Actionstep Australia-wide. 

We consult to firms that aim to take advantage of this simple yet powerful practice management system to improve the way you work and the quality of service you provide to clients. 

Our experts work closely with you to ensure we unlock 100% of the efficiencies that Actionstep offers your practice and implement best practice. Call LFCG today to learn more about Actionstep and how it can upgrade your firm. 

Actionstep Improvement Advice


This powerful system should be customised to reflect how your practice runs. Regular updates may not be taken advantage of or maybe you just do not know what IS possible. Clients consistently tell us (and we see this constantly) that they only use 10-20% of Actionstep's capability but would like to use more.

Our goal is to help you get the most out of Actionstep. We offer a free 1-hour consult to see how you are using Actionstep currently, and to provide improvement advice on ways to unlock efficiency from Actionstep. 

To join our mailing list, please send your firm's details to, We will contact you to organise the next available consultation session. 

A Practice Management System Will Help To

Manage deadlines

Manage workflows

Manage time/calendars

Automate time and billing entries

Organise documents/aid retrieval

Implementation of risk management

Organise and consolidate client files

Consolidate and co-ordinate communication

Monitoring staff performance of achieving key performance indicators

Client Feedback

Ebejer & Associates

Ebejer & Associates

Ebejer & Associates


 "We cannot thank the LFCG team enough for all their help and support through the integration to Actionstep. They worked efficiently and within timeframes, they had given with continued support throughout with any questions we had. The whole team was such a pleasure to deal and should we need any assistance in the future we will be sure to seek their assistance and guidance. We highly recommend LFCG, the team is just brilliant!" 

Bloom Family Law

Ebejer & Associates

Ebejer & Associates


 "We engaged LFCG to assist us in moving to Actionstep. We found them very responsive to our specific needs as a relatively young and small law firm. LFCG provided excellent training, and they have been more than happy to help us with associated questions along the way. We recently engaged LFCG to provide more in-depth training, now that we have grown, and to increase our efficiency. We were very happy with the service they provided to us"  


Ebejer & Associates

Hitch Advisory


 "Actionstep is an excellent program and LFCG managed a seamless integration process for me a few months ago when I launched my firm.  I had a long history of working with a large firm with open-ended support on tap so the prospect of setting up my own practice was quite daunting on the document management and invoicing fronts but LFCG made the process more than manageable with effective hands-on training. Since then, I have received really responsive and helpful support as required."

Hitch Advisory

Hitch Advisory

Hitch Advisory


"The LFCG team handled our Actionstep integration from start to finish. They worked to our ambitious timeframes and are a pleasure to deal with. We continue to seek their guidance and assistance as our firm grows. LFCG has taken the heavy lifting out of our software implementation. We highly recommend LFCG."  

Lacey & Co

Hitch Advisory

Lacey & Co


 "LFCG provided invaluable training that will save us lots of time in the long run. Honestly, Actionstep IS going to change our lives, it’s a great product and the way that LFCG explained it all was just so great. It’s really consistent with the quality of the product that Actionstep also has such fantastic representatives. They’re very lucky to have LFCG and so were we." 

NetDocuments Document Management

NetDocuments has been helping firms to better manage their document and client file systems for over 20 years. As a user-friendly cloud-based platform, it assists law firms to reduce costs and increase productivity, with functions that include: enterprise search, e-mail management, internal and external collaboration, built-in disaster recovery, client, matter, and project-centric workspaces, and any time access. NetDocuments is scalable (suitable for small and large firms alike) and importantly, affordable!   

NetDocuments Certified Partner

LFCG is NetDocument's Certified Training Partner. NetDocuments in Sydney, NetDocuments in Melbourne, and NetDocuments Australia-wide. 

We consult to firms that aim to take advantage of this simple yet powerful document management system to improve the way you work and the quality of service you provide to clients. 

Our experts work closely with you to ensure we unlock 100% of the efficiencies that NetDocuments offers your practice and implement best practices. Call LFCG today to learn more about NetDocuments and how it can upgrade your firm's processes. 

Microsoft Office 365 vs G Suite

Microsoft Office 365 and Google's G Suite are the two leading contenders when it comes to business optimisation in the Cloud. Both share a variety of similar applications and features to boost your firm's productivity, but there are also a number of distinct differences between the two platforms. What are the benefits of each and how can LFCG help you to decide what solution will best fit your organisation? Watch the comparison video and call us today to find out.  

Microsoft Office 365

Beyond Actionstep, you can improve your security, productivity and collaboration with Office 365. Access Word, Excel, Outlook, document storage, instant messaging, Skype for Business, and much more. Collaboration is a breeze with access to all your cloud stored documents from anywhere and any time. LFCG can migrate your existing Emails, documents, and users and provide ongoing support.