About LFCG

The Law Firm Consulting Group (LFCG) is an experienced team of law firm consultants, advisory and delivery specialists, dedicated to achieving high performance at all levels of your organisation.

We are an Australian consulting group that has the expertise and commitment to help firms like yours to drive initiatives. We endeavor to streamline your operations and processes by implementing integrated and flexible solutions, focussing on three areas: 

(1) practice management, 

(2) accounting, branding and HR, and 

(3) IT support. 

Together we will create and refine your plan for success and work closely with you to save on the admin time and unlock new revenue opportunities. 

We have implemented 'best practice' for all our law firm clients and have the expertise to modernise your practice to be more efficient and effective in its service delivery. 

We didn’t get there alone, and neither will you. 

With years of experience as management consultants (including project and change management specialisation), backgrounds in law, accounting, and IT, LFCG understands the breadth and complexity that your business may involve. 

As a trusted law firm consultant based in Melbourne, we offer tailored solutions and oversight of initiatives through detailed collaborative planning and effective time management. We service law firms that are based all over Australia and have successfully worked with some prominent firms. Understanding the way you do business ensures that focus is retained on the project vision and objectives.  

Our team understands the project challenges of today, from fast-changing requirements to the need for business agility, technology effectiveness, and simply doing more with less. Using best practice learned through past engagements, we develop custom solutions that equip organisations with the tools necessary to succeed.

LFCG Insights